Europeade 2023 | Gotha | 12.-16. July 2023

Dear Europeans,

EUROPEADE is coming back to Gotha and you... hopefully you will be there.&thumbnail=small

In 2013, the residential city of Gotha and the Thuringian State Costume Association e.V. were outstanding hosts of the European festival of folk art, dance and music. Now, we are daring to tackle this huge project a second time.

But the world has changed! Our only consolation: The people look forward to the togetherness, the camaraderie and the cohesion.

We have great efforts ahead of us and we need the help of everyone who loves EUROPEADE, so that in 2023 we will again be able to experience encounters in Gotha that will carry us for a whole decade, give us strength and advance the ideals of EUROPEADE.

See you soon in Gotha


Knut Kreuch

Mayor of the city of Gotha

and state chairman of the Thuringian State Costume Association e.V.

Dear friends of the Europeade,

Foto: Katharina Jäger

the memories of the last Europeade in Gotha are still fresh – even if it was around ten years ago. We are happy to return in 2023 and look forward to a wonderful celebration of European culture with many unforgettable moments.

Since its beginnings in the 1960s, the Europeade has focused on international understanding and European friendships. The common motto "Unity in Diversity" therefore not only stands for five days of dance, song and music, but for the wonderful Europe in which we live.

Year after year in a different city, we send a strong signal for peace, freedom and cultural diversity in Europe. In addition to the colourful costumes, fascinating dances and songs, it is above all the people who make Europe and the Europeade what it is. Their close friendship is an expression of the European spirit and has made the Europeade the largest folklore festival on the continent.

Experience and enjoy this friendship and diversity of European cultures with us in Gotha – warm invitation!

Rüdiger Heß

President of the International Europeade Committee


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Impressions EUROPEADE 2013 in Gotha